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Marine Corps Security Force Battalion

U.S. Marine Corps Security Forces Regiment

Kings Bay, GA
For Families

MA1 Melissa Lang,  
Family Readiness Officer 912-573-2693 (office) 912-409-1030 (Cell) melissa.lang@swflant.navy.mil Official Unit Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/home.php#!/MCSFBn.KingsBay


CO Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Statement

Marine Corps Security Force Battalion’s most valuable resource is our dedicated and motivated team of Marines, Sailors, Civilians and their families.  Family readiness is essential to mission readiness and the goal of the Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program (UPFRP) is to keep our entire team effective and focused. 

My priority is to keep our families, which include spouses, parents, children and extended family members well informed in order to take care of their needs.

During our lifetime, we all face different personal challenges and stressors which can carry over into our professional lives.  This may cause us to become distracted to the point that is puts you, your family and our critical mission in danger.

The UPFRP aims to provide education, information, and resources about the many programs offered to assist you and your family during those times of need.  Balancing everything that life presents can be challenging.  This program is designed to help you succeed in all your roles. However, we cannot assist unless you take responsibility, get involved and ask for help.

Our Family Readiness Officer (FRO) is MA1 Tara Gonga.  She provides official command communication and proactively solicits your family readiness needs and concerns.  As my direct liaison between the command and the families, she is available to address any family questions, concerns and problems.  She can be reached via office phone: (912) 573-2693 or via email at tara.gonga@swflant.navy.mil  

It is important to note that the UPFRP does not replace small unit leadership, rather its intention is to enhance, support and assist leaders at all levels.  All leaders should understand the role of the program and know how to utilize the FRO in order to assist their Marines and Sailors.  Family readiness is everyone’s concern – our mission is too crucial for anyone to be distracted.