A 33-day course designed to train and qualify Marines in the Military Occupational Specialty of 8152 (Basic Security Guard) for service within Marine Corps Security Force Regiment (MCSFR).

Marines attending to the Basic Security Guard course will check in with the duty desk of Bldg. 360, NSA Northwest Annex. Check-in uniform will be the Service Alpha uniform. Students will arrive with a copy of their orders, medical record, dental record, and command pre-screening checklist. Weekends and after hours, students will check in with the OOD in Bldg. 366.

If using a GPS (237 Relay Rd, Chesapeake, VA 23322) will bring you to the front gate of the base. Once on base, make a left on Olympic Ave. Marine Corps Security Force Training Company is on the right side of Olympic Ave.

BSG OIC/SNCOIC: 757-421-8566

Bldg. 360 Quarterdeck: 757-421-8600

Barracks Quarterdeck: 757-421-8100

Training Co. Admin Section: 757-421-8554

Family Readiness Officer (office): 757-637-9372

Family Readiness Officer (mobile): 757-674-2523

(2) Sets Green Utilities

(2) Green Utility Covers

(6) Green Shirts

(2) Green Shorts

(6) Pairs White Socks

(6) Pairs Boot Socks

(1) Pair Green Sweat Top/Bottom

(1) Pair Marine Corps Running Suit

(2) Pairs Of Boots
(1)Set Civilian Attire

(1) Service Alpha Uniform
(1)Dress Blue Alpha Uniform (If attending school during Marine Corps Ball)

(1) Pair Running Shoes

(1) Pair Correfram Shoes

(1) Reflective PT Belt

Training Day -2, -1: Admin in, PFT/CFT (SDA Marines must pass the PFT/CFT and meet height/weight requirements).


TD 1-12: Weapons phase. SDA Marines will employ and qualify with the service pistol on the CPP course of fire and on the Advanced Urban Combat qualification.  SDA Marines will also qualify with the service rifle, service shotgun and train on the M240B and M2A1 machineguns.


TD 13-14: SDA Marines will employ riot formations and non-lethal munitions to include OC spray.


TD 15-28: SDA Marines will be trained in the continuum of force, ECP/VCP operations, expeditionary site security, urban movement, and interior tactics.  


TD 29-31: Admin out, PFT/CFT, Orders. 

Marine Corps Security Force Regiment